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Rock Band 3 Decompilation

What is this?

This is a reverse engineering project aimed at producing a matching decompilation of the Wii version of Rock Band 3. This process involves writing C++ code that when compiled, produces the exact same code that is in the final release of the game.

The end result of all of this will be a fully editable version of the game's code in human-readable C++. This will allow for modifications to be made beyond what we can already do in Rock Band 3 Deluxe.

Why the Wii version?

It's quite simply a matter of this being the only version of the game where a matching decompilation is even viable to produce. Other versions have went through a process called Link-Time Optimization that makes the code faster, but for us this has the massive downside of making a matching decompilation project completely infeasible.

How can I contribute?

You may contribute here. We are always looking for more contributors to push the project forward.

What about a port?

Let's preface this by saying that decompilation projects are NOT ports. With that being said, this is a very rare case where the people working on the decompilation project are also those interested in porting the codebase to more platforms.

Keep in mind this process takes an extremely long time, and we will not be making any attempt at a port until the game is fully decompiled. If you really want a port to be made faster and you have the technical know-how (or are willing to learn), you should consider contributing to the project.

Will you be able to do [modification] with this?

Theoretically yes, but such modifications are completely outside of the scope of this project. This project only concerns itself with producing readable C++ code that can be used to create said modifications.