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The biggest rhythm game mod of all time!

With custom track themes, a higher song limit, an FC indicator, break countdowns, an expanded HUD, up to 60FPS venues, "padtar", fully customizable gameplay, many pro chart upgrades, and so much more...

Rock Band 3 Deluxe makes the experience as ultimate as possible!

📥 Download Now! >

*FYI, you can play it on PC (RPCS3), PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii!

What people are saying:

"I straight up did not like RB3 before this mod, I only played it if I was forced to."
Acai [source]

"This is a dream."
JasonParadise [source]

"Got 2 friends totally gone from rhythm games into RB3DX, this shit's fire man."
DarklyPlays [source]

"Genuinely game changing."
BirdmanExe [source]

EliteAsian123 [source]

"I like that, I like that a lot"